Managing Your Workload

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    You have to take care of yourself so you can manage the workload of a very, very full plate (Meghan Markle)

    “I’ve got too much work and not enough time to do it all” is the common complaint of many of us.  It may be our perception or it may be reality, but either way we need to learn to work smarter and take great care of ourselves in the process.

    Consider trying some of these tips:

    1.  Try to control as much as possible – Say “no” when you can and clearly communicate your situation to others.  People do not like “no” but it is often times easier living with saying “no” than living with the consequences of always saying “yes.
    2.  Take breaks – The truth is taking breaks helps improve your focus and can lead to being more efficient.
    3.  Be efficient – Try to work on one thing at a time and avoid bouncing from one thing to another.  Manage interruptions like emails, texts or even phone calls.  Save those tasks for another time when you are ready for them.
    4.  Accept – It is always helpful to accept and enjoy the work we have, and remember that work is a blessing.  Accept this reality and enjoy the process of the work.  Remember to leave on time and take your breaks … the work will always be there!

    For more tips and ideas go to the “Workload Scale and Competencies” and the “Time Management Competency” in the Training Library at

    Please note that all previous “Take Time … to Rethink Stress” emails are in the Perspective website under the Forum Tab.

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