About Perspective


A foundation of Resilience for each Participant & a Revitalized Organization

Our History

CSAperspective is a new innovative program founded by CernySmith LLC, an online stress assessment company established in 1992, that gives you a new Perspective on stress. We provide tools to rethink stress in a more productive way. It starts with our well researched and patent pending stress assessment that has accurately been identifying stress in 15 major areas of life. This is followed with creative and individualized training that helps people develop strategies for greater stress adaptability. It teaches each participant how to draw on their own resources to embrace new ways of responding to life situations. Finally, we provide executive reporting that provides metrics on overall organizational stress while still keeping each participant’s information private.

The Perspective Promise is to Provide a deeper understanding of stress for each individual, offering each person a path to rethinking stress and to improve each organization one person at a time.

Our Team

David S. Smith

David Smith

Dr. Smith, a Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Southern California since 1987, is also a researcher and international consultant. Dr. Smith, along with his colleagues, has conducted workshops and coached teams in over 30 different countries. Since 2004, his focus has been on training and mentoring international coaches and other professionals in the CSA. Dr. Smith is the co-developer of the CSA.
Ron Barley

Ron Barley

Managing Partner
Ron is a successful businessman who has over 45 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, a Big Four public accounting firm, operating his own company for over 25 years, and supporting several companies as a certified strategic planning consultant. This experience makes him very familiar with organizational stress and its impact on organizations. Ron believes the PERSPECTIVE program of identifying and alleviating personal and organizational stress is the most meaningful resource available in stress training anywhere today. Ron holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration and served in the US Airforce as an officer.
John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin

John is an executive with over 40-years of experience with both Ford Motor and Toyota Motor of North America in the Vehicle Planning Group which provides invaluable insights into organizational challenges. He believes that the Perspective Process represents the most effective counter-measure to large company undercurrents of stress and low productivity. “Recognizing stress in industry today is only as valuable as the capability to alleviate individual struggles.” John holds a BS in Finance and an MBA degree and served in the U.S. Army as an officer in the military police.
Karen Smith

Karen Smith

Manager of Customer Service
Karen has led the Customer Service Department for CernySmith since 2003. She is the customer support specialist of CernySmith, which includes all client services for Perspective. Karen holds a Bachelor and Masters in Education. Her job is to help you!



Perspective™, known as CSAperspective or Perspective Process, the exclusive intellectual property of CernySmith LLC, a registered limited liability California corporation, is a stress-training program.

We offer no guarantees, warranties, or promises of outcomes of any nature to any participant, organization, or trainer/coach affiliations.

We prohibit any use of the CSA™ materials, assessments, reports, resources, developed videos, written information, trainings, webinars, and recordings associated with the product without expressed written consent of CernySmith LLC.