Terms of Service




CernySmith LLC has developed a unique, well-researched, and peer-reviewed stress assessment that starts an online self-paced training process allowing individuals to recognize their own unique stress vulnerabilities and help them resolve the negative effects of stress.



Perspective is an online, personalized, private, and self-paced training program designed to teach each participant how to build a foundation of resilience. The process includes the following:

  • The Cerny Smith Stress Assessments (CSA) are designed to measure stress in 15 key areas of life.
  • Short web-based instructional videos that help define the specific stresses you are dealing with along with skill videos to help you overcome that stress.
  • An Action Plan Template and example to help reinforce effective stress response patterns.
  • Weekly “Take Time to Rethink Stress” emails for insight and encouragement.
  • Monthly webinars that deal with topical stress issues of the day.
  • A Video Resource Library full of short videos that define stress and provide basic information about stress and key skills to overcome stress.
  • Personal coaching on developing an action plan to deal with your stress is available to each participant on a confidential and private basis.


The Perspective Promise is to provide a deeper understanding of stress for each individual, offering each person a path to rethink stress and improve each organization one person at a time.


The participant understands that Perspective is not therapy, but a training program based on years of experience by clinical psychologists working with patients experiencing similar life-stress challenges. All materials have been reviewed as relevant and accurate for training and have been duly beta-tested and validated.

The participant should expect significant improvement in learning to actually thrive in a world of continually increasing stress situations.

CernySmith cannot guarantee any qualitative or quantitative results from using any part or all of the Perspective process.


The participant and/or the organization agrees to indemnify and hold-harmless CernySmith LLC, and any and all individuals associated with CernySmith or Perspective from any activities, events, outcomes, or deleterious effects resulting either directly or indirectly from the use or application of the Perspective Process.


The material contained in the Perspective process is expressly limited to usage by the subscribing participant and may not be transferred, copied, sold, loaned, or in any way conveyed to another other third party by the participant or the organization.

With the exception of referenced third-party books, articles, and videos, all rights to the material contained in this process are and remain the property of CernySmith LLC.

The CernySmth Assessment, or CSA, was developed, copyrighted by, and is the exclusive property of CernySmith LLC and may not be duplicated, used, transferred, or altered by any third party without the written consent of CernySmith LLC.

CSA Perspective is a registered URL by CernySmith LLC and may not be assigned or used by any other entity without written consent.