Facing Challenging Relationships

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    Relationship difficulties have a way of distracting us from normal, healthy thoughts and actions. Why? Because they often are not easily or quickly resolved and may be largely out of our control. Let’s face it: our span of influence over others is mostly limited, especially if we’re engaging from a state of anxiety.

    Here’s a “Rethink. – Rather than imagining the worst-case outcome, put situations into a perspective of “the most likely outcome.” This causes us to use our analytical side more so than our creative or emotional, allowing rationality to provide a broader viewpoint.

    This helps the mind in another important way: it aborts the cycles of increasingly elevated imagery of that worst-case outcome that can lead to despair. Physically, that impedes the proper flow of serotonin and adrenalin which helps keep us positive and energized. But by short-circuiting those negative thought cycles, we release the bodily resources that keep a balanced outlook on troubling issues and relationships.

    Even with unsettling, most likely outcomes, you’re now able to see your role of influence more realistically and the support you can provide others who may also be affected. Make sense? It may provide a valuable new Perspective.

    For more guidance, see the Active Listening and Conflict Resolution articles in the Training Library.

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