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    It has been our pleasure to work with you over these past several months.  We hope our various resources have been helpful in developing new capacities for both understanding and responding to stress.  You don’t have to let stress have a negative impact on your life and actions, if we put troubling circumstances into Perspective by evaluating the situations in a rational mindset and taking action that serves our core values and beliefs.  It requires a consistent effort to change your thinking.  Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does make it permanent.

    We leave you with a final thought on rethinking stress:

    1.  Always return to your core beliefs when encountering stress.
    2. Do not let time, pressure, culture, or expediency determine your conclusions and actions.
    3.  Prioritize your foundational beliefs, orient yourself to what guides your life, and step forward with trust that these beliefs will sustain your well-being, success, and peace of mind.

    May you be blessed and sustained in your efforts whenever you encounter stress.

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