Facing Organizational Adjustments

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    When organizational policies and practices disturb our patterns, it can be stressful and usually perceived as negative.  This is because it disrupts our personal order of things.

    Here’s a “Rethink.” Your attitude determines the effect of any change, so consider the following:

    1.  Look for the upside of conflicts that reveal deeper reasons for the change, or why a policy might be improving situations that you haven’t considered.
    2.  Allow for time to either reduce or resolve your issue.
    3.  Wait for leadership to take modifying or corrective action
    4.  Most of all, direct yourself to become the stable voice in this time of disruption. You’ll gain a measure of success by facing the reality of change.

    For more information go to the “Relating to Leaders Competency” in the Training Library at CSAPerspective.com





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